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Love this name for my kitten. I got her in memory of a dear friend of mine that passed away a year before I got her. I wanted to somehow name her after my friend but since he was not female I went with angel.


my kitten is angel


I had a cat named Angel and he was a male and he got hit by a car and didn't live :(


i just now got a new kitten (1 week old) and named it angel it is sooooo cute


I love this name im thinking of naming my kitten angel if i choose the right one ! :D


I had this cat named Angel and she was so cute. She liked to jump on people but she would still sleep with me. Well, one time I let her out and she got stolen. I have not seen her since. :(


i used to have a kitten named angel but she was always hiding so my parents and me took her back


My cat just had kittens 2 gray ones 4 black it would have been 1 more gray 1 but it was crushed by a sewing machine:(Angel is the perfect name for 1 of the gray ones.


my baby kitty name is angel she is sleeping on my knee right now!!!!!

kitten lover123

I just picked up my kitten off the streets its so cute and im naming it angel.

10/11/10 6:06 pm


I got a kitten and its a female, but i don't know what to name her. It is so hard!


Im getting a kitten for my birthday and im thinking of calling it ANGEL it seems a sweet name that has a nice ríng to it angel xxxx hot will hopefully it will be a angel for me xxxx


My 12 year old cat's name is Angel! I love this name. I got her from a friend who didn't want her anymore ;-( she absolutely loved me so I said I would take her. She was 7 when I got her but I have known this cat since she was 1. Very awesome cat love her lots :-)


I had a cat named Angel, she died a month ago she was the best cat i ever had she was our guardian angel. she would come into our rooms at night to make sure we were all breathing and the see would go to sleep. We all miss her very much!!!!!!!!!!


My cat's name is Angel. I named her that because she is just the most precious looking thing and looked like a little Angel. I should have waited, though because naming her Angel was like naming a big dog tiny!!


Amazing name, hope she's like an angel, hence her name


yeah my cats name is angel........ i didnt name her a friend of mine did and let me tell you something she is not, she is pure devil


i have two just babys there 7 weeks old and i dont know what to name them


Named my little 12 day old kitten, Angel. I found her at birth and her siblings passed the next day. She is a fighter, but sad to say, she got a cold and passed away.. She is my Angel!!


Angel my kitten is 4 months and Angel is her first name ,her middle name is Ember ,and her last name is Rose.:):) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


i have a kitten caled summer and i am getting a new pure white dont know what to call it. i think i will call it angel i was going to call summer angel by the way.


my Angel is a gray tiger


my angel is still alive.


so cute love it


My little angel is nine and is very health and I love her sooooooooo much I couldn't imagine not having her she sleeps on. My bed sometimes and I love her to bits. She was sick when we got and now is living a good healthy life