• Meaning of Asher: Happy: happiness. In the bible Jacob's eighth son Asher was promised a life blessed with abundance.
  • Category: Black, Baby, Funny, Unusual
  • Gender: Male
Average: 3.4 (218 votes)



yupp... this name is purrfect for my itten. he is orage, except his whole tail looks like it is full of ashes. it's cute!

Courtney Crockett

i love this name.. my kitten is light gray with really dark gray ears, legs, and tail and.. he is always playing i think this will be the perfect name for him!! as of right now he is running up and do


i think asher is a good cat name!i lov e that name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


um ok then?


My kitten is a Girl and she seems to respond to this name! love it!

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