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This is the purrfect name for a little gray kitten! This might be what i name mine!

Jabie/ Jb

hi i just want to say that I have a cat named Ashes and I had no idea that it was popular cat name. My cat is 5 months old and she's very playful and active. She's a Domestic short hair and she's blac


i also love this one! this name is actually one of my friends nicknames

Cobie Wilson

I love the name Ashes! It's the best name ever!!


Our new kitten was found under a chimney - this is a PERFECT name for her... :-)

Heather Ralbovsky

I have a long haired domestic grey kitten... Ashes fit perfect!


i like this name : )
If my kitten is a boy it name is going to be ashes and if it a girl its going to be fruitloop

Kat lover

this is like the only cute name on here! it would be better if they had names that were not human names and more cute!!


My cats name is Ashes because she is gray. She is so cute my Mom helped come up with name. I'm only seven almost eight in a few months I will be eight. My birthday is in Agest.THE END

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