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i like this name it gives a kitten character

Emily P

I have a kitten named Bean...this is the closest to it on this site. I prefer the name without the s.


Cute! Like a Beanie Baby..LOL

mark scott

My girl cat's name is Beanie. She was named for the little yamika shaped orange mark on her head.

mark scott

Beanie is also known as Beanie Baby and Baby Girl.


my mom just got a new cat thats orange with white thin lines on him. me and my sister were thinking all night about weather it will be garfield, nemo, hurculous or tigger. they were all great names for him but my brother said that tigger was a dumb name. so dont care what other people think. i mean seriously if you like it then name it what you want. then the next day we started calling him tigger.


My cat's nickname is Beans because sometimes he acts like he's full of beans!

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