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I love this name! This is the name I chose for my kitty!!


this is a good name


this was my dogs name


Bella also means beautiful in Spanish.


My kitten's name is Bella!!! She is a Tabby, brown, grey, white, and black, with long whiskers...


i got my kittens name from here its great bell is soo cute


just like on beuaty and the beast!


i love this name!! we are getting a new kitten tomorrow and we are going to name her Bella!!


My chihuahua is named Bella CUTE!!!!!!!


Bella was not the name of the girl in Beauty and the Beast it was just Bell. Bella is the name of the girl in twilight and also the name of every new baby girl about to be born. It's not original


I am going to get 2 kittens soon... <3 the name Bella!


Bella is my little kitty's name....oh it fits her so well :)


Bella is such a GENERIC name for an animal since TWILIGHT got popular everyone is naming their pets after the characters on there.... It is sad....


i LOVE this name! :) I have 1 kitty named Ballerina and I think that I can call her Bella as a nikname

cindy smith

got a new kitten today and I named her BELLA


i just got a kitty i love this name for my kitty. her matches her cuz she is so pretty


i have a black cat and it fits her so well that my friend named a cat after her


We just named our kitten Bella ..Just love her and the name


I'm going to call my kitten Bella... so cute!!


My kitten's name is Bella!!! She is a Tabby, grey, white, and black, with long whiskers
she is so gourjess
name suits her


My baby girl is named Bella, after Bella of 'Twilight' fame. She's solid white, with one blue eye and one green eye. She's a rescue animal. I adopted her from a shelter, and she's so sweet, if a little shy.


Bella is a perfect name for if i get a new cat.i have a other kitten named tristie,she is so cute


this is my cats name


Belle is my name!!!


its not belle its bella look at the name again


this is a great name i am going to call my kitten bella


@ spideydude90 its beautiful in italian


OMG!!! I so love Bella!!! I mostly got it from 'Twilight'!!! So love this name!!! Perfect for my CUTE little kitten!!!


I named my little grey and white kitten this, I just now found out she's actually a he. So time for a new name! LOL

Alexis royall

This is what I just named my new baby kitten :) she's a calico :)


OH, i soo love the name, i think im gonna name one of my kittens Bella its white with black dots!!! =D


that is my dogs name


been thinking of a name for my new kitten for ages! Saw Bella on here and though 'duh!' i'm a massive Twilight fan so surely Bella should've been first name in my mind lol :-)


i have a Bella ,her name fits her to a T ,she`s VERY beautiful and very much a DIVA (and she makes sure the other kitties she live with knows it too!!)


Bella Donna means beautiful woman. also refers to the deadly alkaloid of the nightshade species of pllnats inculuding tomatoes and potatoes. Ladies used the juice from nightshade berries to dilate their pupils to large lusturous dimensions. Belle Ami means beautiful friend in french, another good reason to call my kitten Bella


my kittens name is Bella and she is a calico cat


I love this name for a kitten! I just got an adorable rescue cat and I named her Bella!!


I love the name bella!!That name is so cute!!!


My cat is pregnant. The first girl to come is Bella!


i'm getting a kitty and i'm naming her bella!she is ethier black,calico,or brown!<3[=

Peggy Sides

I actully named my female kitten Bella and her Brother Edward for the twilit movies! But That was way befor I found it on here lol Its only bc we love the movies! It is an easy name for a cat to come to as well just to let you all who are thinking of useing it know. May god bless and ENJOY your pets as much as they enjoy you and your family..


my little dog is named Bella. And my other is Zoey<3

Angelina Barravecchio

My cosin is named BELLA. so cute.

Angelina Barravecchio

i love bella


my kitten,s name was already bella lol

selena jackson

I did have a dog named bella but I do not have her no more but now I have a kitten named blackerella


Awesome name, I may be getting a kitten. But I need to convince my father first, my mums okay with it but if I do this is the name


i chose this name for my brand new kitten i love it this name is so elagent


I cant believe my mum named me Bella I HATE this name and I will never name any of my pets it either

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