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Biscut Lips

Good for a cat looks like he diped his lips into flour


it so cute


this is such a cute name


Biscuit is an adorable name,my nephew has a kitten named biscuit and he is just adorable!!!!

Samantha Smith

I think that if you name your kitten that, it would be the most cutest name ever!!


I was going to get a kitten, and I knew it would be a tabby, but there was only one problem. I didn't know what to name him. I also knew he was a very cute and elegant boy, and he was litter trained! So I looked through the cute names, and Biscuit came up. I just thought how lovely it would be to have a kitten called Biscuit. So I decided to call him Biscuit. When I got him, all my friends came over to my plc, and they told me how lucky I was to get a kitten. THANK YOU KITTEN NAMES.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bethany .b

aww my cat a couple of years ago was named biscuits




I have a cat named precious and she just had 5 adorable kittens and I was looking for names ands I saw the name biscuit and it just fits him sooooo good!!!

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