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Very good name!

Randle Frontlaw

Heyy i think this name is sooo cute!!!! My friends acually call me bitsy because i am really short and i have three spiders as pets!! I think Bitsy is a great name!!! Sincelery:Randle Frontlaw!! (bits


this name is sso cute it is a good name for a small cat xxx


this name is good for a small cat xx

Myra Gebhart

I love this name fact I have a 7 yr. old cat & the name fits her perfectly. She's still tiny.

Sara Mac Leod

I just got a new stray kitty, and we didn't know what to call her. I just named her Bitsy ! :) I think the name suits her well ! :)


i think i shoild call my new kitten bitsy it is a boy and girl name right ???


I named my first kitten Bitsy over 25 years ago. He was a boy. It's a great name!

Bethany .b

this is a spectaculer name i love it it might even suit my new kitty kat

Alana Brown:)

This is a really cute name. Our kitten's full name will be Itsy Bitsy Bon Bon Brown. We really thank you for putting "bitsy" up from,Alana and Lily


i went to see little 7 week old kitten today, she jet black. the people who looking after her have called her lil bit, and her sister lil bit side because there both black nobody wanting them. well she beautiful and decided bitsy will be purrfect for her because of her life already. :) xx


I mite name my kat that

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