• Meaning of Blossom: Fresh
  • Category: Cute, Good
Average: 4.3 (368 votes)



blossom sounds like a great name for a female or a male kitten or cat.


im getiing a kitten and i might call it that blossom !!


We have a cat named Princess Pepperdoodle Blossom VonYumYum and we call her Blossom for short. She is white/gray with big blue eyes and thinks she is as royal as her name sounds.


i am getting a kitten and might call it blossom or lizzy

u dont need to know

it is cute and awsome

Jailey wreff

I LOVE the name blossem i have three cats Niki, Blaze and grace i never thought of Blossem and now i want to change the name!

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