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My cat is so sweet her name is callie and she is a callico cat. I also know another cat named callie at a feed store i got to name the kitten and now they call her that!


thats my cats name but its spelled kalie


This is my kitten's name.I chose it though because Callie is a calico kitten.


I was thinking of naming my kitten 'Calliope' (Greek muse of poetry) with the nickname of Callie


My cat name is callie. She is a collic kitten she is 7 mothes. She is loveably and cuiet.She is one of the cuie kitten.


I named my kitten Callie after callie from Greys Anatomy Yes!!!!!!


callie cool!haha cool name


I named my 7 week old kitten callie because she is a calico and I think callie is a really cute name ESPECIALLY for a calico kitten!!! ♥♥♥☺☺☺


I just got a kitten and I am gonna name her callie...she will be named after callie from Greys fav show...


I already had a kitten named Callie. But i had to comment because i really like the name and she is also a calico kitten so i thought it fit perfectly.


My darling cat's name is Cali (Spelled like so). Calico's are the most loveable cats I, personally, have been around. I found my cat, full grown, on the street. She looked so helpless and I knew she was destined to be ours (my boyfriend and I). The poor thing was covered in scabs from fleas, and nearly missing all of her teeth from who knows what. I'm just surprised no one took better care of her, after all she is a Calico, and the sweetest girl ever. It's been almost a year since we found her, and she is still our number one cat! We hope to find a male Calico, so that she can reproduce beautiful Calico kittens! Sorry for my rambling, I tend to do that alot.


My name is Calli but my mom didnt want my name to be 6 letters so she took the e off.

Rita Stout

There is no such thing as a male calico. All calicos are female.


@ Rita: When I was much younger we had a calico cat and it was male. Our vet didn't believe us either but soon found out he had a male calico in his office. We were told male calicos are very, very rare but never say never. :-)


There are male calicos but sadly none have been found to be fertile. The tricolor gene in cats is found only in the xx combination. Any male calico has a mutated xxy gene.


I named my cat callie cose she had bakwoords legs.<3 :-)


About a year ago a precious little tortious shell calico kitten was on my front porch. She instantly became part of our family. I named her Callie Mae and and sing to her all the time. Her favorite song is our version, "Wish they all could be like my Callie Girl" :) She's a precious baby and loves to be held! I don't know why anybody could have dropped this precious baby, but I am so thankful she came into our lives :)


My calico name is Mya shes so cute. Also if there are no male calico than how are there calico kittens ever think of that


My former roommate came up my my cat's name eight years ago. I also spell it differently. I spelled it on "L" instead of two--Calie. My cat was found on the street and I took her in. She has been the best cat I have ever had.


my cats name is calli


Thank you for letting me pick a name for my new kitten


My cat's name is Callie; we call her Cal for short. She is definitely a Cal-Gal and is so fat people often think it's short for "Calorie."

Kim P

My new kitten name is Callie cause she is a calico! She was found near death at only about 4-5 weeks old. I nursed her back to health and she is doing great. Such a sweetie!


I have a kitten now named "Callie" :)

Angela Hayward

I got a kitten for my b-day and she is a calico kitten I have also named her Callie cus she reminded me of a cat I used to have and her was callie too and I love her to death she is best gift my boyfriend gave to me


I'm writing a book and used this name, but I spelled it Cali


My cat had kittens and I named the calico one Cali

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