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jessica del angel

omg!!!! ii love this name casper but sadly i already have a name picked out:(:(


Such a cute name!!!! I am going to name my new kitten that!

chantelle kings

you kitten names have been very i my self wood like to thank every one and that my kitten is very pleased with the name once again thank you verry much.
love chantelle and caspa.


I lurvvv this name I'm most definetly naming my tabby kitten Casper!! Perfect!!


I love this name, it is so-o-o-o cute! Sadly though, I just got a new kitten and I named her something different.


its funny cause my nickname is casper


I am going to call my new kitten Casper as he is beautiful and in memory of my last kitten.

Cammy <3

luuuuuuv it. my kitten just recently had kittens (3) but there to young for me to touch them or pick them up, so i don't know if there boys or girls, but i will DEFINITELY keep Casper in mind.


i have just brought my kitten he is gray and white and i choose his name as he is mine and my wife wants one now she will have to wait for another 7weeks and she wil have two others and she can name them both there going to be from a diffrent family


hi my kitten is fluffy


I am getting a kitten for my birthday and i looked up kitten names! it is funny because i looked in the c names and there was Casper and that is the name of the cat i have now!!!!!

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