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I love this name, its also from the vampire series twilight one of the characters is named Edward he's really protective and strong. Thats what this name means to me.

leah tague

i love edward he is off twilight and i am his biggiest fan in the entire would so beat that i love edward vampire cullen

leah tague

edward is mine baby and i love edward off of twilight i am his bigiest fan


i love this name. this name edward is perfect because he is soo protective of his brother named tobias. :)


I love the name Edward because, when i hear it i remember Robert Pattinson from the twillight series!! :)


I have 4 cats: black and white w/ olive green eyes, beautiful Bella, orange tabby w/ yellow eyes, rambunctious Edward, black, orange and white w/ gold and green center eyes, gentle Midge, and last but not least beige and white w/ gold eyes sneaky Sonny. I love them all and all are so very different!

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