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what kind of a name is that


that is just the meanest name ever


I wouldn't name my cat 'fatcat' but she is a little overweight and i call her fatty sometimes, so i see Y some people would name there cat that.


my mom had a cat named fatcat when she was a kid


I once had a cat named Fatcat. what a good cat he was. lol than grandpa ran him over... no more fatcat.


i had a cat named Austin but his nickname was fatty


Lol fatcat is a bit harsh. Don't u think?


I had a cat named fatcat. He was THE BEST CAT EVER!!!

He was an outside cat and would usually come into the garage at night and lay beside my german shep's cage. He would follow me anywhere I went,even it was blocks from our home,he would follow. Fatcat was the coolest,fattest cat ever. I dont care what people say about the name being harsh. That cat was loved and was happy. Sadly,he didnt come home one day. I think our mean neighbor let his dog off his leash so that he could catch him. Fatcat couldn't run as fast as other cats. RIP Fatcat :(


OMG, i fell off my chair laughing when i read that.


Im gonna call my cat fatcat becuz my brother he's name is fatty so it would make sense!! My bro ad my cat de fatties xD


it is such a bad name and very mean

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