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Love the Warriors series..I am getting a little orange boy kitten..either Firepaw or Firestar... :)


I love warriors i just finished Crookedstars Promise and it is AMAZING!


I love the warriors book too. spoiler alert my friend told me that firestar dies from tigerstar in the last book of the last series.....:] <3


BTW it wasn't the last series, still got Dawn of the Clans to look forward to!


I LUV WARRIORS i also thought this was a good name for my kitten so i named him that i was thinking if i had a yellow kitten i'd name is sandstorm firestar's mate


i love warriors so i named my orange kitten that and if i had a bright yellow kitten i'd name it sandstorm firestar's mate


im getting a orange or black kitten and the orange one I might name ether firestar or flamepelt and the black one I might name bluestar,or moonpelt, by the way I love warriors im on book 3 the new prophecy and I read yellow fanges secret and crookedstars promise

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