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Big cat lover

Such a cute name aaaawwwwwwwwwww!!!


i love this name and coz i love it i named my 3 month old kitten jinx as he is quite a handful most of the time bu when he is asleep he is an angel. :-) :-)


my female black kitten is named jinxy it is a purr-fect name!


i had a cat called jinx! she was the cutest and sweetest thing in the world i loved her to bits!!!

:( unfortunatly she passed away in february this year after being run over by a car :(

R.I.P jinx :) i will love you forever <3


my older sister was goning 2 b named jinx!!!!


Danni I know how you feel i have scratch marks all over my hands because my kitten Sebastian was sitting on my lap while i was looking at cat names for our new cat and yea he is a handful but now i have to be careful typing cuz he is sleeping on me now SO CUTE!!!


My kittens name is jinx she is six weeks old and so playful she loves my ferret and my dog

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