• Meaning of Lucky: Fortunate. Lucky is also used as a nickname for Lucas and its variants.
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Actually Lucky can be used as a male or a female name.

sharon martinez

i found a box of kittens 13 years ago. my son grab a kitten out of the box and she became the lucky one and she has always had good luck health wise in her older years.


I've named my kitten Lucky! His name tells all! I took care of Lucky since he was born because his mom stopped feeding him. If it wasn't for me and my heart being 2 times too big, lol he would have s


I've had my cat Lucky since he was 5 weeks old and he's SO spoiled! I wouldn't have him any other way! He's named after a Jason Mraz song called "Lucky".


We found a little tiny kitten about 5 weeks old in our house behind our kitchen trash. We decided to keep her and we named her Lucky. Lucky means exactly what it say. "To have good luck" Lucky has been doing great at our house and we are happy that we have her!


my mom found a little kitten and we named it lucky it is a cute name.


One day I here meow from a tree he was haging from his fley carol and I saved him.


My kitten is named Lucky bcuz the mother had 6 kittens and only he was left.


My kitten is named Lucky like the Britney spears song and because he was the 'Lucky' kittten that jumped on me first. Also because I have cancer and I am still alive.

Michael Dinardo

I recently found my little kitten 3 days ago my sister heard a kitten crying and went out side and noticed a kitten in a sewer drain so we quickly call the local police dep. Then they called the sewer company and they came by buy couldn't find the kitten so we put a large board and food at top so she could get out the next day we didn't see any food any more and didn't hear her so we thought she got out that same night my dog started to cry like crazy because he heard her crying but we didn't know why until I walked him alot latter at night when my dog was crying like crazy and scratching the ground like crazy by the sewer drain so I brought him inside and went out to look why and heard a cat crying so I looked in side and it was looking at me and crying as see was saying help me please so my sister and I opened the sewer drain and my little brother went in and pulled it out I quickly brought her in doors and placed her in a box with a warm shirt and gave her food. She is truly lucky to be Alive so I am giving her the name Lucky and I am also the lucky one to have her.


my dogs name is lucky!!!!!

Bradley Faulkner

Our mother cat calico was having kittens and she couldn't make it to the porch and had one in the dirt. Me and my nana heard a meow coming from off the porch. We went to look for it and it was laying there barely breathing in 90 degree weather, and my nana got a paper towel and picked it up and put it with the mother cat. We hope it makes it but we are afraid that its not going to. So if it does we would name it Lucky for that reason.


I want to name my kitty lucky or charmed bc when I was walking home someone dropped this lil guy of a bridge in the water and I jumped in and saved his lil life hes only about 5 weeks old :(


lol my cats name is so lucky you totaly stole her name we found her bye a creek she was thrown out of a car and got hit bye the same car its sad

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