• Meaning of Maggie: Abbreviation of Margaret. A pearl.
  • Category: Grey, Popular
  • Gender: Female
Average: 3.9 (123 votes)


why do you care

This is a butiful name. I can't beleive no ones rated it higer. I give it a 5.


I think Maggie is the best name ever!

cat lover

i have an adrorable kitten named maggie she is so cute!

amanda warren

my cat was named Maggie. she was such a good girl. she lived to be 17.5 cat years old

tara williams

my kitten named maggie.she was such a good girl

Amanda Sebastian

This is a good name. My little kitty will be named Maggie!!! love it.


i had a cat named maggie she was the best cat i have ever had when ever i was sick or sad she would be there and make me feel better no matter what, and she had two beatiful kitten rock and cece boy and girl yes i know the kittens names came from shake it up!!! wish she was still with me. <3 i love you MAGGIE!!!!


i like this name alot but not for my kittens

chantel reiff

my cat just had her babies and iam keeping one iam naming her maggie its a awesome name


I just got a Kitty and her name is definitley going to be Maggie May :) it suits her fine :) ...I am the most biggest animal lover EVER!!....I wish I could take every abused and abandon animal out there that has no love nor food or shelter I to have a lot of land to raise them in....please people help these animal I am tryn...thank!!


my cats name is maggie its a great name for a cat <3


I am getting a kitten and she has a m on her forehead so Maggie was the first name that came to mind :)

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