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My beautiful cat's name is Midnight.


Hi! I have a cat named Midnight. For short it's Midi. She is a tuxedo kitten. She is one of the smartest kittens I know. She has a weird meow and she is chubby. She is learning how to kiss. I can't beleve it! She doesn't know how to kiss!


My very first cat we named Midnight. We thought she was a boy, until she had her kittens. we named those Cotton, Lucy, Tigger, Cork screw or Corky for short and Hinea. We loved her much and miss her more.


midnight is the best mane a cat can have

tom wallace

hi my name is tj i have a kitten midnight and he likes to tackel the TP and fights with it. he meows a lot and plays with my dog blossom


Awww i had a kitten named midnight but it was 2 mean


I have a kitten called Midnight & she is so cute and is mostly called Middy because kitten and cats respond better to names that have an ee sound at the end. :) Middy :)


I've got a cat her name is midnight and i love her to death she is a black cat we have had her since she was a kitten and the reason we named her that is she rather be up at midnight and sleep the rest of the time and cause she is black like midnight


My little black cat she's called Midnight and her brother also black.. is called Phoenyx which I found out means Dark Red Night (Nyx) Ive accquired a new Tiger striped cat called Ruben..sounds like Ruby but means 'behold a son' Ruben is Spanish and Phoenyx is Greek...Midnight means 12AM (awww bless) and is Amercian.. but she's still my Milly (admirable strength) Star


I love the name so much I am going to name my kitten Midnight


I love the name midnight. I'm gonna name my kitten midnight too!


I have a cat named Midnight. It's a dark grey tabby cat, and we found it when it was 5-6 weeks old on my porch. It took 3 hours to catch this little guy and when we finally caught him, it was Midnight. We thought it was quite appropriate.


I just got two new baby kittens! One of them is all black, except for a white patch on her stomache. She is so sweet and I got her close to Halloween :) So I named her midnight! :D

Melanie H

My friend had a beautiful cat named Midnight. He was a deep, dark black with striking golden eyes. He was such a unique cat. He liked me and my friend, that's it. He completely ignored everyone else. He once got into a fight with a groundhog and got an ear infection. After some surgery, he was almost deaf in that ear and it looked like cauliflower. But one day, he left the house and never came back. It's been one year. Midnight, I'll never forget 'ya.


I had a cat named midnight I loved him he was dark black and was cool but he s' gone

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