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kitten boy

I <3 KITTENS!!! mischief is one of my kitten's names, i have 34. i love kats. :)


My 2 month old kitten sure lives up to this name


My kitten is a little devil so this name suits him well. Out of our 5 cats, he's the one always getting into the most trouble.

lauren williams

awwwww! i love this name!!!! my tabby,teeger is having kittens and iv allready got a name !!!!!!


Our new kitten Mischief is a playful 3 month old cat. She is all black and is very mischievious(?)! She loves to run and play all night and sleep all day.


i put that name for a girl kitten


I'm getting a tabby and i don't know what gender but for a boy Mischief and a girl Marlee

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