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Our kitten is a misty yellow/gold so the name fits her.

Mind games

Do you see the mist ( What does that mean,SEREOUSLY)


i love the name misty!!!!!!!!!


i totaly like this name i'll use it


its the same name that I thought of for our kitten


luv the name my kitten s called misty it's cute and she suits it !!!!!!!


My little Misty was a tuxedo gray who passed away 2 years ago. I loved her very much and love the name.


i love the name misty its sooooooo cute and i just love it so much i cant stop saying i love it because then id be lying if i didnt so yea i love the name yaaaa !!!


Love the name Misty, the best cat in the world was called Misty and he passed away a couple of weeks ago :( he was awesome so let the name live on :)


the name misty is purr-fect!


Our misty had to be put down two days ago. she was such a great kitty.


I real like that name and will probably use it for my new kitten

alex england

I like the name misty.

Gail Gurman

Should add Grey to the category list.

Joe Penna (mgm)



We are getting a kitten and it is a grey female so i might name it Misty!!! I LOVE THE NAME SOOO MUCH, IT SO CUTE!!!

Sydney Pickett

My grandma has a cat named Misty too!!!!!!


Ive been looking for a kitten under 10 bucks for awhile now and have found nobody that would let me have one because im 11 years old and if someone does accept me i will prob name it misty

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