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My new kitty gets here tomorrow and my boyfriend really wanted to name him oliver but i just couldn't see my little baby as an oliver but ollie just sounds so good!! aha i love it!


My little kitten is called Ollie, he's like a brother to me and he is the best cat in the world!


I had a little kitten called ollie i loved that name so much, he was a little ginger tom and was so fluffly! sadly he died in a storm when he was 4 mounts old. but still he was as cute as a button. ollie was such a good name!! you schuld choose it.

Rebbaca age:12

Hi i had a little kitten called Ollie too and he was a ginger tom aswell. But he died when he was 4 and 1/2 when he died in the storm i live in n.z too. he was so cute i was attached to him now that he's dead i regret all the stuff i didin't do with him its really sad when someone you love dies. but anyway Ollie is such a cute name. i rate it number 5/5!!!!!!!!!!


Origin of the name Ollie:

Pet form of Oliver, a name derived from the French Olivier, which is generally considered to be from the Old French olivier (olive tree). Some believe it is of Germanic origin, however, and is thus probably from the Middle Low German Alfihar, a compound name composed of the elements alf (elf) and hari (army): hence, "elf army."

Orange kitty

I had a fluffy small orange long tailed kitty named ollie. My fave out of litter. He got severly injured, healed, and a month later went missing p.s he was an indoor/outdoor. :'( i miss him

Very Good name

I'm getting a kitten soon and i'm going to name him Ollie such a cute name!

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