Pee Wee

  • Meaning of Pee Wee:
  • Category: Cute, Runt
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I have a 9 year old black and white cat named Pee Wee. He is a great cat and often silly. He chases his tail everyday and does alot of clowning around. He was one of the smallest from his litter.


My cat Skittle's just had 3 kittens, Midnight,Pewe,andSqueak!!


I have a kitten named Pee Wee which I found in my school fall down from a tree. She is cute but naughty. She loves to sleep with me even though she likes to play with my hair at night. She is probably just 2 years old now. She is the youngest pet that I have in my house but the fiercest cat in my house.

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