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We named our male kitten Pepper for a couple of reasons...our kitten was completely black, he was extremely full of energy and mischief that a spicy name seemed to suit him...a peppy name like Pepper.


I think Pepper is a very cool name;we are looking for a name for our kitten and i think we are going to call it Pepper.


i named my girl kitten pepper cuz she was pepper colored and is so adorable her attitude is very spicy and playful

cat fan

My mom named our cat pepper in 91. She lived to be 19 and died this year she was grey with green eyes, a Korat


We called our kitten pepper because she just seemed to suit it and she's very energetic and is a very unusual kitten!!


We just found out our kitten is a male, he is origanilly called Pepper, My mom thought of it because she is black and white and sneezes most of the time =)

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