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I had an orange calico cat named Simba. We got him in front of Wal-Mart (: My brother was watching Lion King when we asked him what he thought we should name it. He said Simba and it stuck.


i got my kitten's name here

ur mom

i lovee this cattt nameeee


My grand kids named my new orange male kitten Simba from the lion king movies...


this is my cat's name =]


my cats name is Simba he is 2 now i got the name off this site


lol i got a kitten name simba i love the name simba lol we got 3 kitten my brother got one and i got one and my sister got one too yaaaaaa


Simba is a Swahili name meaning Lion.


simba..swahili means lion


my brother got my mom a man coon cat and we thought it was a girl so we named it autom first. my mom found out it was a boy so she asked me what i wanted to name it. i love the lion king and he looked a little like simba so i said simba. his name fits him well. my 3 year old niece loves it . simba is sooooo cute.

Theo Wheatley

Simba means the cat of god truly i looked it up in it was actually cald that


I love the name Simba. My Orange cat is named Simba and he looks like a lion!!


I named my cat Simba, my cat IS without a doubt thee coolest cat in the world!


that is my cats name. And he is the King in my house and he knows it. LOL

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