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My Kitten is called Skittles, hes a wonderful cat! he turns 1 on july 31, '08!!!


I have a grey kitten with white paws and a white stipe from his neck up and I was thinking about smokey,mittens,and boots but I found the name Skittles so thats his name

ktten name expert

snappy and catchy a perfect name for all kittens aspecialy boys no matter whta patern it will fit


i have a calico but it is a girl skittles is a great name


My first little girl is named Skittles, her sister is Twix. My older girl is Auntie Snickers.


My cat's name is skittles! I named him when i was 7 and my favorite candy was skittles, go figure. Now everyone just calls him kitty, it's the only name he will answer to.


I feel I want new kitty boy or girl then I will kitty name is Skittles :)

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