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that is such a cute name

Donna Netto

we named our kitten smudge as he is smokey grey and white... hes the most beautiful cat i could have askes for..


how cute !I just love the name.Im getting a kitten soon and I think it would be a good choice.


My cat is called Smudge, but she is a girl, she is grey and white (dark grey like when you 'SMUDGE' charcoal). Everyone loves the names and thinks its original. I strongly reccomend this name for your kiten


my kittn is 6 months old and is called smudge....and found out last week she is a he haha but he;s all over black with a little white smudge on his toe


Our cat is black and white and we named her Smudges


i getting a charcoal grey female kitty and i wanna call it smudge but my friends wanna call it clove...


My cats name is Smudge. Shes the best, we named her Smudge because when we got, we thought she had dried cat food all over her face, it turns out they were just her markings. She grew into them lol... We call her smudgie, smudgeroo, smudge pie, smoo, smudgerific, smudgie wudgie, smudge factor, smudge monster, and moose.


My little not so little monster pop cats are twins, they both had smudges but the ones was bigger so I named her Smudge, my nuni nini lol and her sister is Skittles, kitty pie pudding..... most beautiful monsters to me.


I have a kitten named smudge. He looks like a cat my mom had back in 1990. His name was smudge and he weight about 20 lbs un-neutered. I had no idea there were so many kitties being named smudge.

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