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My hubby Named a white And brown Spotted kitten this because his hair tends to stand on end as if he was Spooked :)


My black kitty is named this, he is perfect for the name, he always knows when to sneak up on me!


We just lost the best cat ever to cancer, but his name was Spooky. He was so sleek and shiny and at the age of 16 years young he only had a few strands of salt - he had the most gorgeous black fur ever seen. We loved him so much that we adopted two babies that are sleek and black like Spooky, but can't decide what to name them now.


I had a kitty named, Spooky! He a silly spooked look on his face when he was hiding or playing mischief or running. That's pretty much why I named him that. You go to the couch, and he runs just to be silly. I remembered I would chase him around the house and he would run straight back to the couch and jump on it and roll around in circles, because he didn't want to go outside. Another time, he kept acting hysterical and we opened both doors to go outside, because apparently, he really had to use the bathroom. Took him long enough, but he found the way out. He's trained to do that outside. He got our other kitty pregnant. So I ended up naming the kittens she had, Boo, Boogie, and Chunky.


My friend found a white kitten when he move to his new place and he took a care... he named it spooky simply because he is so funny.. the kitten always play a small ball and chasing em around where ever it goes then..


I have a kittin named spooky loves me

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