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Taz is a cool name for a spazy black tom.

paige (:

this is an unual name its quiet chatchy, tbh i like it :)x

Sherri Caudill

I have named my kitten Taz because he is a little devil. He gets into everything, runs and jumps on everything and is delightful to have around. He is a little monster but I don't like that name and I


I named my kitten Tazz it suits him very well cuz he acts like a tazmanian devil!

ur mum

lol taz is my nick name


I thought I was the only crazy one out there to name my cat after the tazmanian devil but it suits her because she is the devil's offspring


my cats name is taz he is a little devil, he gets up n my bed and just pees there


my kittens name is Tazz DEVIL


tazzy blue is my kttens name cause hes crazy


Taz... I like it! My sisters cat just had kittens I'm helping her figure out some names for them maybe shell like taz !

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