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This is the CUTEST name ever! :)


Toulouse is a city in France


I have named my little girl kitten toulouse she is so sweet.


I might be getting a kitten soon, and I will deffinatly be keeping this cute name in mind!


I named my little tabby toulouse and he's wonderful :) just is hard to shorten though


I love this name. If I get a male kitten I would love to name him Toulouse. I agree with Lindsey when she says that it's hard to shorten. Maybe Lou?


i have recently purchased a chocolate point himalayian kitten and his name is Toulouse!!! he is sooo beautiful!!!


I picked this name bcuz I luv the Aristocats movie ~ has 2nd thoughts on it cuz the cat n the movie is a boy, but it can go either way cuz it's a city name! :) Have another female cat named Tigger :) and male named Duke (his sister's name was Daisy - lol :) she got adopted by dif fam :)


i named my kitten toulouse. it fits him perfectly. we shorten his name to lulu sometimes.


My seal point birman is named Toulouse... I chose it as i LOVE the Aristocats, its such a great name and really suits him :)


Named my new rescue kitten Toulouse because not only am I a fan of the Aristocats film, but also, doesn't it just roll of your tongue when you say it?


I really want to get an orange tabby cat and I was thinking of naming her Toulouse. As for the nicknames, you could always call the kitten Lucy, Lulu, Tully, or Toully if it's a girl. Boy kittens would be harder to think of nicknames for them.

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