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anonymous kitten caller

i hav been looking 4 a new name 4 my kitten because my mom says the name i picked out is gonna be 2 babyish when my kitten is all grown-up. the name i already picked out is Tiny. Tiny is a girl but i think trouble is a good name 4 her because she is a real trouble maker. i still like the name tiny 4 my kitten though. no offense.


This is my cats name. He is ginger and sooooo cute. I would recommend it to anyone who has a little cutie kitty!


Aww ,i'm getting a kitten for my birthday and this is the first name that popped into my head !! xx


its cute i got a kitten for my b-day named trouble it cutee

Carol Wallace

I named one of mt kittens Trouble because he would climb curtains and get stuck,then hang and cry until someome came and unhooked him. Other than that he turned out to be ab extraordinarily well behaved cat - sso I think of his name as ironic.

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