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Jeff Berezinski

Tucker is 1/2 of The Marshall Tucker Band My kitten was named by a southern rocker.


My cat Tucker is fat and he rocks so hard


i love this name i named my lil grey kitten tucker


I have a chocolate lab named Tucker:) I love that name!

Molly Rosengren

i love my cat tucker im only 9 and i got him for my birthday i think my mom is the best she got i t for me my dad was mad he siad we had anuff cats i said no we need 10 more he said back i would kill them all well i think he would he"s that kind of dad.


I was looking for a name for my kitten, and ran across this name. I love this name soooo much. I cannot name my kitten this because ten years ago I gave this name to my son...lol. The name does rock!!


my cat name tucker is the cutest cat ever!!!!!!he has a birth mark on his cheek its a orange mark


my sister and i named out little grey kitten tucker! he is the craziest thing ever!

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