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dude its just like the game!

josh williams

i like the name because it refers to Princess Zelda in the legend of zelda video game series.


Dudes! A kitten ain't a vidio game!


I just love this name. It is the cutest Name.And no I dont have :perfect Grammar.


I have 5 cats but "Zelda" I thought was a boy name.?

Jacqueline Boyes

My 10 year old cat is called Zelda after the "Zelda" games. Love it. Just got a new kitten and can't find a cool name like it :)

CaMmY <3

They should really put the name Zoe in the Z's


cute name for a girl


Hey Tabbi Zelda is a girl's name the guy in Zelda is called Link the Princess is Zelda! Oh and CaMmY they really should have that name in there! <3 Really like the name and video game!

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