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thats my kittys name so when shes mad we call her lucyfur


This is such a cute name, and really suits some cats!


well my name is lucy so i love this name


well recently i found out im getting a cat im not supposed to know she is white i thimk and i am falling towards the name lucy


My kitten's name is Lucy


my cats name is Lucy I love it!


I think Lucy is the cutest name for our little black kitten!


I had a baby black cat who meant the world to me Lucy is the best name and suited her to a t!!!!


I once had a cat named Luci - short for Lucinda. She was a beautiful white Himalayan with a black face, tail and paws and massive blue eyes. Now my daughter is named Lucinda, it means beautiful light. And she reminded me of the cat I'd had with her blonde curls and massive blue eyes when she was born coz I was doped up on the epidural LOL. When I came down from it I couldn't believe I'd practically named her after the cat >.<, but I grew to like it pretty quickly and she loves it so I guess it ended well HAHA.


Lucy is such a cuuuuuuuuuute name for kittens!!!!


My new kittens name is Lucy!!!!!!

kitteh lover

Lol my old kitteh was named lucy, now im not sure wheather to call my cat lucy or something else-if its a male i would definitely name it sparta!! :D


I am 9 years old and I wanted that name for my kitten because my friend was called lucy and everybody called her kitty, and she was obsessed with cats.


my dogs name is lucy

Lucy xx

Omggggggg My Name Is Lucy But My Cat Is Called Coco. We Got Her Before I Was Born Shes About 15-16 Now But Shes Still Cute.Shes Black And White And Shes Not Fluffy And Neither Un-Fluffy Shes Got The Right Amount Of Hair Lol. xx


I got a new kittin and I named her Lucy I love the name


my kittens name is lucy


my kit is crazy and shes really funny

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